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Elk Grove Holiday Garbage Collection Schedule Announced

The City of Elk Grove will adjust garbage collection schedules for the upcoming holiday season. Carts will not be picked up on Christmas Day, December 25 or New Year’s Day, January 1. Services will be moved to the next calendar day for all subsequent service days with Friday being serviced on Saturday. For example, residents whose regular collection day is on Tuesday, December 25 will receive their collection service on Wednesday, December 26. Regular garbage collection schedules will resume the week of January 7, 2013.  All residents should note the following collection schedule:

2012 Christmas Schedule   2013 New Year’s Schedule
Normal Service Day Rescheduled to   Normal Service Day Rescheduled to
Tuesday, December 25 Wednesday, December 26   Tuesday, January 1 Wednesday, January 2
Wednesday, December 26 Thursday, December 27   Wednesday, January 2 Thursday, January 3
Thursday, December 27 Friday, December 28   Thursday, January 3 Friday, January 4
Friday, December 28 Saturday, December 29   Friday, January 4 Saturday, January 5

Dated: December 12, 2012

New Mandatory State Commercial Recycling Law Takes Effect

In an effort to expand recycling in California and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, recycling became mandatory this month for all California businesses and public entities subscribing to 4 or more cubic yards of waste collection service per week and multifamily complexes with 5 units or more, regardless of waste collection service level. According to the 2008 Statewide Waste Characterization data, the commercial sector generates nearly three fourths of the solid waste in California. The City of Elk Grove implemented a Business and Multi-Family Recycling Program in July of 2010. To help promote recycling, the City provides free recycle bins for local businesses. For more information or to request a free recycle bin, contact Christian Punsal at 627-3452 or

Dated: July 31, 2012

Earth Month Activities

Earth Month Activities

Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Collection Drive

In honor of Earth Week, the City of Elk Grove will be hosting the 5th Annual Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Collection Drive beginning April 9th through April 30th.  The Nike Reuse-A-Shoe collection drive is a collaborative effort that involves Nike, the City of Elk Grove, the Elk Grove Unified School District, and the Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD), in a community-wide drive to collect used and worn out athletic shoes.  All of the collected shoes will be recycled and turned into playing surfaces, such as running tracks, basketball courts, and soccer fields.  Last year, the City collected more than two tons of shoes, which amounts to nearly 7,000 pairs of shoes!  Students and families can donate shoes using the shoe collection bins found on their participating EGUSD campuses or at various CSD locations (listed below) or by visiting the Elk Grove City Hall at 8401 Laguna Palms Way. 

City Hall & CSD Drop Off Locations:

Fire Station 71 8760 Elk Grove Blvd
Fire Station 72 10035 Atkins Drive
Fire Station 73 9607 Bond Road
Fire Station 74 6501 Laguna Park Drive
Fire Station 75 2300 Maritime Drive
Fire Station 76 8545 Sheldon Road
Wackford Community Complex 9014 Bruceville Road
Laguna Town Hall 3020 Renwick Avenue
Creek Clean-up
Saturday, April 21, 2012 ~ 9am-11am

Help the CSD clean and beautify the natural landscape of Elk Grove and Laguna creeks, protect environmental resources, and have fun!  Groups are welcome and no pre-registration is required.  Participants will be treated to a BBQ lunch sponsored by the Elk Grove Lion’s Club at Miwok Park directly after the cleanup. This event will happen rain or shine, so come prepared wearing comfortable clothing, sturdy shoes and gloves.  If you are interested in getting involved, contact Heather at 684-7550 x.109 or visit the CSD website at

Drug Take-Back Day
April 28, 2012

The City is supporting a Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.  City staff from the Solid Waste division and the Elk Grove Police Department will be on hand to assist you with the collection of your old medicine.  Stop by on Saturday, April 28, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at 8380 Laguna Palms Way (the building located next to the Elk Grove Police Department) to deposit your unwanted medications in one of the incineration boxes.  No identification is required. Please remove all pills, tablets and capsules from their packaging and consolidate them into one bag before bringing them to 8380 Laguna Palms Way. 

Disposing of medications by flushing them down the drain or tossing them in the trash can lead to contamination of our waterways.  Because many pharmaceuticals are not effectively removed by conventional wastewater treatment plants, chemical residue passes through the treatment process and is discharged into bodies of water that we use for drinking, recreation, or environmental restoration.  You can help prevent contamination of our waterways by properly disposing of your unused or expired medications.  Please do your part.

Please note: we cannot accept needles, auto injectors, or other Sharps.

Rain Garden
Opening May 1st !!!

The City of Elk Grove has converted a weedy, vacant lot into the most comprehensive rain garden in the Sacramento region.  Come visit the City of Elk Grove’s Rain Garden Plaza and learn how to build and maintain your own Rain Garden by learning how to incorporate various sustainable landscape practices!

Basic Composting Workshop
April 11th, 6-7pm – Hosted by the Elk Grove Library

Registration is required by Monday, April 9th.  Please visit and click on events for the registration link.

Elk Grove Kicks Off Earth Week
with Massive Citywide Athletic Shoe Collection

Reuse a shoe

Elk Grove agencies are teaming up now through April 29th for a citywide recycling program aimed at keeping thousands of athletic shoes out of the region’s landfills.  The City of Elk Grove, Elk Grove Unified School District, Cosumnes Community Services District and Allied Waste will be collecting athletic shoes in various locations in Elk Grove, while educating thousands of local students about the importance of recycling and demonstrating an alternative to disposing used products in landfills.

mp3 file Listen to commercial playing on Radio Disney AM 1470.

The athletic shoes collected throughout the week will be processed and recycled into material used in basketball courts, tennis courts, athletic fields, running tracks and playgrounds. Last year, more than 2 ½ tons of shoes were collected. A photo of a local soccer field made from recycled shoes is below.

Any brand of athletic shoes can be donated. The shoes should be dry and not contain metal or cleats. Dress shoes will not be accepted. Drop-off locations in Elk Grove include:

  • Elk Grove City Hall, 8401 Laguna Palms Way
  • Barbara Morse Wackford Community & Aquatic Complex, 9014 Bruceville Road
  • Laguna Town Hall, 3020 Renwick Ave.
  • Cosumnes Community Services District Fire Stations

And participating Elk Grove Unified School District schools:

  • Helen Carr Costello Elementary
  • Foulks Ranch Elementary
  • Pleasant Grove Elementary
  • James McKee Elementary
  • Joseph Sims Elementary
  • Stonelake Elementary
  • Laguna Creek High School
  • Pleasant Grove High School
  • Toby Johnson Middle School
  • Arthur C. Butler Elementary
  • Katherine L. Albiani Middle School
  • Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle School

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New Law Requiring Improved Energy Efficiency
for Light Bulbs Begins Jan. 1, 2011

1/1/11 is the effective date for the first phase of EISA - "ban of 100w incandescent bulbs".  This means retailers are no longer able to purchase wholesale 100w incandescent bulbs for their stock.

Below is a media advisory from the CA Energy Commission. View a simple Requires pdf readerFact Sheet from NRDC.


 New Law Requiring Improved Energy Efficiency for Light Bulbs Begins Jan. 1, 2011
Consumers to Save Money with High Performance Bulbs

SACRAMENTO - A new federal law will start saving consumers money by improving the energy efficiency standard for incandescent light bulbs sold in California on or after January 1, 2011.

The standard - Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) - will save California consumers money with new bulbs that offer the same amount of light while using less power. Passed by Congress and signed by President George W. Bush, EISA created new energy efficiency standards for light bulbs. The law is designed to reduce energy use and associated pollution and make the United States less dependent on foreign sources of energy. While the country will adopt this standard on January 1, 2012, California was given authority to implement the national standards one year earlier to avoid the sale of 10.5 million inefficient 100-watt bulbs in 2011 which would cost consumers $35.6 million in higher electricity bills*.

Reducing energy use in California also results in improved environmental quality by avoiding the construction of new power plants and air pollution from burning fossil fuels.

The standard in California states that a 100-watt bulb manufactured on or after January 1, 2011 must use 28 percent less energy (i.e. a 100-watt bulb may not use more than 72 watts). The new 72-watt replacement bulb will provide the same amount of light (i.e. lumens), use less power, and cost less to operate.

New lighting technology has become more efficient than old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. Approximately 90% of the electricity used by traditional incandescent bulbs is wasted as heat instead of visible light. Replacing traditional incandescent light bulbs with more efficient halogen, compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs will save consumers money while still offering same amount of light.

The new standard is technology neutral and allows consumers to choose among a variety of high-performance products for their replacement lighting. Additionally, it does not affect the existing supply of incandescent light bulbs stocked in retail stores or incandescent light bulbs already in use.

This standard builds on the California Energy Commission's long and successful reputation of saving consumers money though energy efficiency standards. Since 1978, California's appliance and building efficiency standards have saved more than $56 billion in electricity and natural gas costs.

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions, please go to:

Public Rate Notice of Proposed Increase to
Solid Waste Rate Service Rates

Public Hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, November 10, 2010, at 6 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.

Requires pdf reader Public Rate Notice of Proposed Increase to Solid Waste Rate Service Rates
Requires pdf reader Questions regarding the Proposed Increase to Solid Waste Service Rates

An error was identified in the original public notice.  Folsom’s rate is $22.50 per month.

Donate Your Computer System

If you have a  complete computer system that is in good working condition, the City of Elk Grove will donate it to a local school in need.  It must have all the components, including the monitor, hard drive, mouse and keyboard.*  To donate your system, please contact Kim Perry at 478-2289 or

*Please make sure all personal data is removed from the hard drive.  The City of Elk Grove and the school receiving the computer system will not be responsible for any remaining data.

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